Western Red-Cedar

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), we offer the inland and coastal varieties of this species, which have some small distinctions between them. An aromatic, shade-tolerant specimen, it grows throughout the Idaho panhandle, especially in low lying land, northern slopes, and deep draws. While not a true cedar of the genus cedrus, in the Pacific Northwest (and all throughout North America) is the only cedar most builders know. The lumber from this tree is beautiful, rot resistant, and very workable and stable. It is a leader in exterior applications such as fencing, siding, power poles, and shake roofing. Pergolas, outdoor furniture, decking and docks are some of the other uses that benefit from its natural rot resistance. Inside of homes and commercial buildings, it is often used as a paneling, and also for timbers, where its reputation for staying straight and minimal shrinkage has made it popular for visual applications.