Rough cut timbers is one of the mainstays of Timberland Wood Products. We saw most of our timbers to a 2 and better, select for appearance. FOHC (free of heart center) timbers are a preferred cut, because removing the center of the log out of the cut timber minimizes the twisting and checking that naturally occurs during the drying process, especially in pieces 6" and smaller. We do our best to cut all pieces 6x6 and smaller FOHC. In larger pieces FOHC is available by request, and for a higher price, as long as the logs on hand make it physically possible to do so. We cut to 1/8" increments, and guarantee +/- 1/8" accuracy.   Our mill capacities are 24” wide, by 30’ long, and our standard species are Douglas fir, larch and cedar. Our kiln chambers will accept up to 25', and we do offer kiln drying on our timbers.