2nd blog post

We hope that you all had a nice Christmas, and every success in the new year. I did not get out Christmas cards to our customers, so here is a belated Merry Christmas to our customers. Christmas time is special to us here at the mill, and we have had extended family out to visit, some nice times ourselves. Some days the fire barrel around which we eat has been crowded at lunch time, but there is always room for everyone who comes! We got a deck of oversize cedar logs from Alta, much of which is product logs, normally slated for shingles, shakes and fencing. But Randy has been working miracles with them on the Lucas mill, and the result is some really beautiful vertical grain clear cedar. We are working on an order of over 37,000 board feet of larch timbers, bound for a barn project in Wyoming. These timbers range from 4x6x8 to 10x16x26, and are getting dried and surfaced.